CFARS - Operations
Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System


RMS HF ANALYZER program, provides real time data analysis of the
Pactor activities of your RMS TRIMODE Server station. 

Available to Sysops from the RMS HF Analyzer Yahoo group

Please read the documentation before installing!

Helpful hints:

You will need 2 files the Documentation (.pdf) and Program Setup (.zip)

Install the RMS HF Analyzer files in C:\RMS\RMS Trimode\analyzer

CFARS RMS sysops will need to get your Passcode from Les CIW650 and you will need your  lat & long in decimal format for the Monitor.ini.

In "RMS Trimode" under "Registration" make sure you click on the "Enable ADIF Log"

If the panels 1,2,3,4 in the RMS HF Analyzer does not work replace the original 4 panel lines with the following new lines
in the Unique(date).txt file

LeftPanel= T0, L0, W363, H537, C0
MidLeftPanel= T0, L0, W682, H537, C0 checked
MidRightPanel= T0, L0, W933, H537, C0
RightPanel= T0, L0, W1281, H537, C0